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17 Feb Artistic Vision

I recently had a client ask if I could make a simple change to his website or if that would destroy my artistic vision. I chuckled at that and told him, “my artistic vision is always open to change based on my client’s needs.” There are definitely designers out there that can be protective regarding their vision of the design. I’ve worked with some on different projects and I tell you this… They are divas who should be artists rather than graphic designers.

As a graphic designer, its our job to not only create designs that look great, but to also solve design problems and please our clients at the same time. Sure, clients may not always know whats best, but its their product and money and in some cases their dream. If the client doesn’t take a designer’s expert recommendations, its the client’s waste and a designer doesn’t have to put that work in their portfolio in the end. A designer needs to be patient and if it comes down to worse case scenario, a client can always fire the designer and a designer can look for different work.

To clients, I say don’t be afraid to ask if you really want to make a font larger or add a caption to a photo, those are simple changes and very reasonable especially if you have a good reason for it. However, if you are asking for a complete redesign or major edits in the final stages… don’t be surprised if the price jumps up a notch or two or three. Your opinion should always be respected, but time is still money.